Quality and Infrastructure

We are a professional organization which applies high-quality standards to its products, services, customers, personnel and internal systems. All the departments are directly involved and management and staff at the level are committed to ensuring adherence to stringent quality control norms. Every stage of production is supervised by a quality control professional, who perform a repeat test to ensure zero defect products. We also have an in-house laboratory equipped with advanced testing facilities to assure compliance with Indian as well as International standards.

We have a well-established infrastructure characterized by advanced machines, experienced workforce, and amicable working environment. The in-house design unit is equipped with the latest CAD / CAM software such as IDEAS 12, SOLID EDGE, AUTOCAD 2006. Our manufacturing unit is backed by hi-tech machines that can manufacture products with utmost precision. The complete operation is backed by a team of experienced engineers, who work in symphony with the clients to design and develop products to meet the exacting requirements.

The major highlights of manufacturing facilities include: 

High-Speed CNC Machining Center (DOSSAN): Our high-speed machining can perform various milling functions like face milling, slot milling, end milling and other processes such as drilling, boring, tapping and many more. These machining operations allows us to further decrease in-process inventory. It provides a major advantage of accurate dimensions and considerable cost saving associated with the production.

EDM Spark Erosion System: The spark erosion grinding system utilizes EDM technology to arc-grind metal parts to finished size and shape, precisely removing metal stock using AC current. We utilize the SEG process which discounts the need of replacing these expensive components and can efficiently reshape them at a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts, reducing machine time by 30% to 50%.