high speed hair dryer

Olayer foldable high speed hair dryer

If you are looking for a hair dryer, then this olayer foldable high speed Hair Dryer is definitely your pick. This one of a kind hair dryer comes in several designs, among which the Carbon Fiber is one of the top ranked gadgets. It is very often considered to be the best chi blow dryer around. It is a powerful and lightweight hair dryer that is designed to provide its users a perfect combination of ease and style. This gadget aims at creating an extremely comfortable styling position along with a specialized rotating nozzle that has been designed so as to provide maximum airflow.

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Features of Olayer foldable high speed Hair Dryer

The Carbon Fiber edition of the chi blow dryer has a vast list of features that are quite amazing to say the least. For the best results, it is recommended to use chi hair products along with the dura chi blow dryer. Listed below are some of the major features that one can expect from this dryer:

·        Light weight

It is extremely important for hair dryers to be of light weight as they are mostly used by women. To top it all, this carbon fiber edition is one of the lightest as well as one of the most durable material to have ever existed.

·        Dc motor

This hair dryer makes use of a 1300 W ceramic motor that is powered by a DC supply.

·         Casing

As mentioned earlier, the casing is made of carbon fiber and hence, is extremely durable and light weight.

·         Nozzle

Unlike most hair dryers, the chi blow dryer comes with a rotating nozzle for enhanced directed airflow.

·        Grip

The product has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user. The grip it provides is extremely user friendly.

·        Maximum ion technology

This ion technology one of its kind. It provides the best in class shine as well as smoothness.

·        Warranty

The chi hair dryer comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

This is essentially the section that makes this product one of the best in its class. All the products of this series offers the same configuration more or less. The only aspect in which this product exceeds the others in this series is its lightweight carbon fiber design.


Overall, the Olayer foldable high speed hair dryer offers excellent performance accompanied by the best in class technology. Another major aspect that customers liked about this product is its price range. It is one of the most affordable hair dryers one can possibly ask for. The interface is a quite user friendly as well. Even individuals who are not well acquainted with using such products will be able to use this with the utmost ease.