Plastic Products for Automation Industry

We are a fully-integrated manufacturer of plastic products including various components and sub-assemblies. These products are manufactured using best grade of engineering polymers for durability and performance. Our range of plastic can be custom designed in different dimensions based on the requirements of the clients. The broad range of plastic products find application in automation, Automotive light, Electrical and other industries.

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality plastic products for the automation industry. The broad range of products includes automatic garage shutter doors that are extensively used in factory buildings and garages. Every product is designed to ensure high dimensional stability, perfect balance and safety of the user.

Components of Shutter Door

  • Control Box: Open, close, stop three buttons control the door separately. The control system is fitted with wiring terminals for photocell, air chamber etc.
  • Emergency Stop: Press the emergency stop button on the control box can cut off the power of control unit immediately during emergency and protect people as well as machine.
  • Remote Control: Hopping code technology prevents thieves from guessing your remote code.
  • Auto Brake System: It has auto brake system in motor and can achieve fast braking.
  • Disengage the release handle (rotate 1800 ─ânti clockwise), release the door from the door operator immediately.

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