Injection Molding Machines

Our range of plastic injection moulding machines are used in diverse industries for manufacturing Pet Preforms, Bottle Caps, House Hold Items, Electrical Parts, Automobile Parts, etc. These machines provide a major advantage quick change-over for fast production rate. Precise accessory and safety features guarantee reliable performance of the machine. We offer different types of Plastic Molding Machines based upon the requirements of the clients.

We specialize in providing innovative and cost-effective injection molding machines for producing high quality structural plastic parts. These machines find extensive use in manufacturing of PET performs bottle caps, house hold items and others. They can be supplied with PLC to achieve control over the production process. Our range of plastic injection are customized to meet the specific application requirements of the client. 


  • Electrical parts
  • Tele-communication items
  • Automobile parts
  • Audio & video cassettes etc


  • Higher injection capacity
  • Quick changeover with faster mould opening and closing
  • Closed circular temperature control unit
  • Low reject rate
  • Simple and safe operation unit
  • Cost-effective operation

Injection Molding Machines (SHARK FA Series)

We bring an advanced model of operationally-proven injection molding machines – SHARK FA Series. These injection molding machines provide greater return on investment with increased productivity and performance. The centralized lubrication system of the machine ensures smooth functioning, whereas the mold height adjustment provide manually adjustment for complete control over the process. 

SHARK FA Series injection moulding machines feature Yuken / Bosch make hydraulic accessories for a reliable operation. These machines provide significant advantages of low energy consumption and quality output. Other highlight of the machine is the energy efficient variable displacement pump system. 

Technical Details

  • The Clamping System
  • Mechanical Structure – Mould platen & toggle set
  • Internal Double Toggles – Balanced at 5 point
  • Wide space between tie bars & mold height acceptance range
  • High tensile steel tie bars made up of hard chrome plated
  • Centralized lubrication system for smooth functioning
  • Shot Counter – Automatic
  • Hydraulic Ejector – Branded make
  • Mould Height Adjustment – Manually done
  • Fixed with adjustable boot under moving plate

The components of Injection System includes

  • Dual injection cylinders
  • Quality nitriding screw & barrel
  • Screw Motor is of higher torque for efficient functioning
  • Injection unit is swiveling type
  • Has double carriage cylinder
  • Energy efficient suck back functioning
  • Dimensionally accurate swivel hopper

Hydraulic & Others Attachment

  • Yuken / Bosch make hydraulic accessories
  • All functions read by pressure gauge
  • Less sound emission due to large bore hydraulic hoses
  • Heating zone controlled by pyrometer
  • Pyrometer & timers has digital display for ease of reading
  • Variable displacement Pump attached for efficient energy saving

Major Highlights of the Series
The machine has an effective control system for pressure and flow. Computer – controlled proportional variable displacement pump system regulates the pressure and flow in accordance with the needed working pressure and flow. The pressure is adjusted as per the motor output and the loading capacity.

Its major effects are
The machine’s hydraulic system output coordinates with the required amount power for operation, leading to 25% – 70% of energy saving. When compared with conventional machines that have fixed displacement pump, our Injection Molding Machines (SHARK FA Series) delivery cost benefit primarily because of power efficiency. 

Due to sophisticated computer control there is no throttle or overflow resulting in loss of energy. Lower system heating and oil temperature maintenance of the system ensures that the hydraulic oil and seal life is prolonged and there is less consumption of cooling water.

Injection Molding Machines (SHARK PLC Series)

SHARK PLC Series moulding machines are specially designed to make the mold process more economical. These molding machines feature manual mold height adjustment, dual injection cylinders and lower energy consumption. Frequency conversion technology results in low operation cost with best quality of output.

Shark PLC Series also assures practical benefit in terms of quantity required for testing, sampling, prototyping, new product design and development or be low-volume batch production.

Technical Details
The Clamping Systems

  • Mechanical Structure – Mould Platen & Toggle Set
  • Tie Bars- High tensile steel that is hard chrome plated
  • Fitted with mechanical ejector
  • Mold Height Adjustment – Manual

The Injection System

  • Dual injection cylinders
  • Nitriding screw & barrel
  • Screw motor fitted is of high torque
  • Injection unit – Swiveling type
  • Double Carriage Cylinder
  • Hopper – Swivel type

Hydraulic & Other Systems

  • Yuken / Boshch make hydraulic accessories for optimum efficiency
  • Pressure Gauge Reading is done of all Functions
  • Quiet operation due to large bore hydraulic hoses
  • Yuken/Boshch make hydraulic accessories for optimum efficiency
  • Pre-heating Zone – Pyrometer Controlled
  • Pyrometers have digital display
  • Machine with frequency conversion technology.

Major Highlights
The frequency conversion technology of the machine allows it regulate the system pressure and flow as per the required working pressure and flow at different stages of molding. The flow & pressure is controlled to match the motor output and its loading capacity. Some of the major effects of the systen are :

  • The machine’s hydraulic system output coordinates with the required power for operation thus leading to 25-75% of power saving. 

  • There is no throttle energy loss and overflow loss is considerably reduced. The noise level is also lowered by 3-5 decibel. 

  • Hydraulic oil change intervals are longer and the life of the hydraulic sealing parts is also enhanced. 

  • The motor life is considerable longer due to less heating caused by the change from constant high speed running to intermittent running of the motor. The machine’s lower starting power current also plays in important role in reducing the required power supply transformer capacity and stabilizers the power network well.