Research and Development

At our unit, we have advanced research and development division wherein we pursue extensive research for our products. Our team surveys the market on regular intervals so as to keep ourselves at par with the ever changing demands and requirements of the customers

The team even enables us to upgrade our units and technology and thus offering our clients new and innovative products in the market. Our team’s extensive knowledge understanding, experience awareness enables us to meet with large demands of our clients

  • EDM Spark Erosion System: Our spark erosion grinding system utilizes EDM technology to arc-grind metal parts to finished size and shape, precisely removing metal stock using AC current. We use SEG process which discounts the need of replacing these expensive components and can efficiently reshape them at a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts, reducing machine time by 30 to 50%

    The spark erosion machining removes material by a series of electrical discharges (sparks) that occur in the machining gap between the electrode and the piece. They cut out pieces from soft and hard metals and some conducting ceramics, without distortion

    Our facilities enable us to fabricate products directly from CAD outputs and our mould making services provides superior design assistance helps in cutting manufacturing costs using innovative manufacturing techniques

    It also assists us with upgrading, redesigning, reevaluating or modernizing existing products to increase performance and/ or reduce manufacturing costs. Our mould making services create models of finished products before investing in hard tooling that helps us add textures for functional or cosmetic purposes and produce prototypes for visual or tryout inspection
  • Moulds and Dyes: We produce plastic moulds and dyes including bakelite and plastic injection. These dyes are resistant to water, long lasting and electrical insulators. These are used in pipe fittings, caps and closures, electrical fittings, automobile components, blow mould etc
  • Advanced Technology Hot Runner: Our unit has cutting-edge 3-D, CAD/CAM technology and processes
  • Injection Unit: Injection Moulding Machine (PLC controlled)

We use injection molding process for producing identical plastic items and with the use of polystyrene (HIPS), our machinery equipment enables us to produce even small products such as bottle tops; sink plugs, children’s toys, containers, model kits, disposable razors and parts of cameras.